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It seems Secretary Arthur Tugade was not briefed well.

Posted on July 19, 2017 at 1:10 AM
By: Reggie R. Vistal 007support Online news eNews Newsvine MNBCnews Cebu City--I understand that the man has so much on his plate but a little research is dangerous when you start blabbing about an issue you have LIMITED knowledge of. Just to cite a few: 1. The vehicle requirement for Uber and Grab is below three (3) years old, what more assurance does he need? I have yet to see new taxis and jeepneys there in Metro Manila; 2. Under Number 13 of LTFRB Memorandum Circular 2015-016, LTFRB left to the TNC the accreditation of TNVS vehicle subject to physical inspection. Logically, hindi talaga dadaan sa inyo yan kasi sabi nyo TNC na ang mag-accredit. My gas. I hate pulgas; 3. It's not TNVs but TNVS as in Transportation Network Vehicle Service. If only he could spell it out CORRECTLY like he had been doing with EL TI EF AR BEE and TI EN SEE; 4. I dont think anybody's contesting the jurisdiction and vested power of the LTFRB in regulating PUVs. The issue at hand is their ineptness and inefficiency as an agency. Those are two bananas and not one and the same lakatan; 5. Under 2 (b) of paragraph A of LTFRB Memorandum Circular 2015-017, LTFRB required that applicant drivers be a holder of professional driver's license - mahusay. In re: magiting - riders are picked up for free even beyond 5 kilometers from a driver's location, they are not allowed to ask for additional cash on top of the fare, they are prohibited to cherry pick nor refuse our destinations as long as within our TNC's coverage and most of all, they dont have faulty meters and we can get a refund/credit back in case of miscalculated fare; 6. TNC drivers are collected and deducted with PAMI fee annually - isn't that an LTFRB-mandated riders' insurance? 7. Fifty six thousand applicants yet believe me, they dont go online all at the same time. Some of them are already offline permanently due to LTFRB's intervention on fares and surge which drove the TNCs' fare to an all time low - barely making ends meet for partners and peers. I give you two words that I see on a daily basis - "assume balance"; 8. TNVS applicants are more than willing to do a fire walk for the demigods of LTFRB. It's been almost a year since the suspension of TNVS application but Delgra and Lizada basically sat on it - I wonder what they did on those 12 months? It seems their research on TNCs and TNVS were done just a few days ago. Aileen Lizada does not even know the difference between an app and a link. Martin Delgra cannot be bothered to inform us the exact figure as to PA and CPC holders yet, the number of commuters grow exponentially by the hour there in Metro Manila; 9. What makes TNCs and TNVS different from other PUVs? They have accountability to their riders. They can deactivate an erring driver. They are bound by rules aside from our existing laws and ordinances. They value our feedbacks and we are actually being heard when things are not working the way they should. As a commuter, we are given premium through safe and comfortable trips. Can you say the same thing about jeepneys and taxis? 10. Lastly, please itigil na yung mga appeal to emotion aka argumentum ad passiones. NAKAKASUKA na mag-commute sa dyan Manila. It's a cross we bear because our government officials dont get to use PUVs like we do on a daily basis. Mag-commute kayo for a month. Then let's talk and revisit LTFRB's presscon video yesterday afternoon and Sec. Tugade's brain fart. Tignan natin kung hindi nyo murahin mga sarili nyo for the sheer stupidity of your pronouncements. Dont lump TNVS and TNCs to other PUVs. It's such an unfair comparison and a disgrace to the level of service the former provides to the riding public.

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